Carolina Ticona

Carolina joined ZUMIX at the age of 11 in 2003, when she only knew three words in English and had just settled in East Boston as her new home. By singing with ZUMIX’s first chorus, she eventually became more involved with guitar, piano, and voice lessons. Through a partnership ZUMIX had with the Umana Barnes Middle School (now Umana Academy), Carolina helped form the band The UB’s, which continued throughout her high school years. From attending Boston Arts Academy as a visual arts major student and then ZUMIX as a band member and singer-musician, Carolina has always been a busy artist of all sorts! She obtained her B.A. from Wheaton College (in Mass.) in psychology, and is pursuing her master’s degree in mental health counseling with a specialization in expressive arts therapy from Lesley University. Her hope is to spread the healing qualities that art and music have given her to as many people as possible, and use the expressive arts as guides and helpers in figuring out the challenges in life and empowering people.