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25 years of Rhythm and Soul

Like a lot of good ideas, ZUMIX started in someone's living room.  Co-Founders Bob Grove and current Executive Director Madeleine Steczynski founded ZUMIX in 1991 as a response to Boston’s worst wave of youth violence.  ZUMIX began as a summer songwriting program with 24 youth, $200, and the simple idea that giving youth something to be passionate about could transform lives and elevate communities. 

Our programming quickly expanded.  In 1993 we created a free outdoor Summer Concert Series in order to serve the broader community.  Today, our year-round events are organized to provide East Boston residents with access to top-quality arts and cultural events. 

Today ZUMIX serves over 500 youth per year through after-school and summer programming and 500 through in-school partnerships.  Over 10,000 additional adults, children, and families attend our community events and festivals.

What’s a ZUMIX?


  1. a name created by a youth participant in 1993 
  2. music, crafted and shared by everyone
  3. a family 

The Firehouse

In January, 2010, ZUMIX moved into the Engine Company 40 Firehouse after a 5 ½ year $4.6 million capital campaign.  READ MORE